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Catholic Fraternity Across the United Kingdom


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Annual Conference for Catholic Men

Annual Pilgrimage for Catholic Men


APRIL 2019

Nationwide Network of Catholic Men

The Annual Pilgrimage for Catholic Men takes place on the closest Sunday to St George's Day, at the National Shrine in Walsingham.

The Annual Conference for Catholic Men takes place on the closest weekend to International Men's Day, at Buckden Towers in the Diocese of East Anglia. . 

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If you run a men's group in your parish or are interested in joining or establishing a group, please get in touch with us.



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Calling card

"For Catholic men’s groups to have real meaning and purpose, they must follow the example of Christ and reach out to all on the periphery, saying Come and see! See what it means to be welcomed, to be accepted as you are, to be part of something bigger than oneself, to experience fraternity, moral support and shared faith. Come and see what it means to be a Catholic man, an authentic man, a beloved son of God". Read more ...

Invitation is integral to building a strong fraternal network. People like to be invited, but it's not always easy to initiate the invitation.


Our calling cards are a way to help start the conversation. Keep a few in your pocket, bring them to Mass, hand them out to the men you see in the pews who you've not spoken to before.


Cards can be ordered in batches of 25 at a cost of £5.00. The cost covers our order from Vistaprint and postage to you!

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"It was a great experience and I think it’s woken me up to the real need we all have for Catholic fraternity. I haven’t really experienced a sense of fraternity like it before, and there is something powerful in witnessing a number of other laymen, husbands, fathers sharing their drive and their struggles to be more virtuous and ultimately more Christ-like".

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Join us on facebook! From the main page, you can find our closed members' group.



We are fund raising for:


- Catholic men's groups in every parish;

- quality resources/programmes for men to establish and run their groups;

- videos and podcasts on themes for Catholic men;

- outreach activities to support the network of men's groups across the UK;.

- a professional interactive members' website;

- conferences, workshops and practical activities;

- market research to meet the needs of Catholic men.