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Get to know God

Get to know one another


  • Meet once a month for drinks

  • Plan an annual hike or camp

  • Attend a weekend retreat

  • Organise meals out, together with spouses

  • Meet once a month for prayer and bible study

  • Attend Eucharistic Adoration

  • Share and discuss good spiritual resources

Make it a habit

  • Commit to monthly meet-ups

  • Keep in touch with everyone (create a whatsapp group)

  • Invite other men to join



1. As far as possible, keep the group centred within the parish and made up of parishioners. Forming social and spiritual bonds are easier when you see each other regularly at Mass and at parish events. The parish will also benefit from your regular and committed presence.


2. Make sure the monthly social and spiritual activities are calendared on the same day each month e.g. Eucharistic Adoration every first Saturday of the month; drinks at a local pub every second Sunday. This ensures that interaction becomes habitual; it also encourages commitment to the group.


3. Don't be afraid to start small. Two men are enough to start a group; more will eventually join. Nonetheless, growth is key - growth in numbers, growth in knowledge and faith, growth in participation in the Sacraments and in parish life


4. Actively invite other men. "Come and see" was a key phrase in Jesus' ministry; people respond to a personal invitation.


5. Preferably avoid determining the nature of the group beyond the Four Foundations we recommend. The Catholic Church is universal and therefore encompasses those on the right and those on the left, socialist and capitalist, liberal and orthodox. Men should be free to come and go, to participate or not, without any sense of coercion or the need to adhere to a position or ideology narrower than the infinite love of Christ for fellow men. Thus a man can be a Knight of St Columba or a member of the Legion of Mary and still feel he can freely participate in his parish men's  group - or vice versa.